Mansa a big name in the Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging is the one of the most considerable part of the overall drug and Pharmaceutical market in the India which is growing steadily at the same rate at which packaging industry is heading. Pharmaceutical packaging consists of the various types of glass, bottles, strips , blisters packs , injectables, ampoules and bulk pack etc . With considerable upward trends in medication industry the demand for the Pharmaceutical packaging has also risen.

Mansa Leading Player in Pharmaceutical Packaging

With increasing medication demand lots of the players have entered in the Pharmaceutical packaging. And among these one of the leading player that has significantly change the trend in the pharmaceutical packaging especially in the Northern India is Mansa Print and Publishers.  Starting from Stationery Printing, Mansa Print and Publishers with in very short span excelled  in paper Board Packaging, corrugation and Printing on Aluminum . High quality Aluminum collapsible tubes for the gel based and water based composition and Aluminum blisters for capsules, tablets etc produced by the Mansa Print and Publishers. To prevent leakage in the case of water based products Aluminum collapsible tubes are internally lined with lacquered latex.

Huge Client Base

Mansa Print and Publishers Limited has huge client base through- out the world. It caters its services to both National and International Pharmaceutical companies.  It has big name like Ind-Swift, Cipla , Wockhardt , Odin, Laborate among its client.  It has a huge network of client in Middle East, Europe and Asia and still excels toward expanding it.

Other Services Offered by Mansa

Apart from producing Aluminum based Pharmaceutical packaging tubes and blisters MPPL has developed  a niche in Stationery Printing, Publishing, Corrugation and Packaging. Under Stationery printing it products student note book in various sizes along with corporate stationery. Similarly Mansa is in Publishing of magazines,it produces dozens of magazines matching international standards have vast range of readership.  Another arena in which Mansa Print and Publishers has earned name is corrugation under which it produces cartons of various sizes and variety matching the needs of the clients.

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Cyno Silicon Technology

Printing industry has undergone noticeable changes in the past few years.  May be it in term of technology, equipment and processes; printing industry has made substantial and remarkable growth and is  one of the most booming sectors of the India, growing at an average of 15-20 % of annual growth. Digitalization of traditional Printing and Publishing service has opened new doors of the opportunities and challenges both for the service providers and customers. One of the most effective latest technologies used by the professionals in the industry is the Cyno-Silicon Technology which is used for the variety of purposes.

Cyno Silicon Technology
Cyno Silicon Technology is the one of the latest and most refined method of digital printing.  In this method of printing prints are attained through heat transfer. Cyno Silicon Technology is based latest technology and is highly efficient for best quality screen printing applications.  Depending upon the requirement of the printing it can produce precise thin and thick layers.
Its features of relaying thickness make it a very reliable choice for those who used to print on the different levels of the thickness and used to generate very high quality multi color printing prints on banners, paintings, flyers, T-Shirts etc.

Features of Cyno Silicon Technology

User friendly: Cyno Silicon technology is not only user friendly but also highly efficient. Machinery can be held  automatically and manually depending upon the requirement.
Superior quality:  Cyno Technology is based on the heat transfer methods. In this method printing print are attained  through thermal heating that activates the thermo-sensitive coloring layer which changes color where heated.
Efficient printing: Cyno Silicon technology can be used for the variety of printing purposes. Its ability to relay  different levels of thickness for accuracy in printing makes it highly efficient.
Cost effective :  Cyno Silicon Technology is price efficient and can be used on the variety of printing surface ranging  from brochure , flyers , t-Shirts , papers to the Mugs. These features of Printing on the variety of the substrate make it  the highly efficient and preferable over the other digital technologies.

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