Mansa On The Quest Of Providing Marvelous Magazine Prinitng Experience

Since its Inception, Mansa Prints & Publishers Limited has been known and trusted for its creative and high quality services. As a premier Printers, Mansa Prints & Publishers take pride in providing best quality magazine printing services to the client. We offer our clients a mesmerising printing experience with high quality prints with an extensive range of colors. Mansa Print & Publisher Limited offer simple, wire and other binding option for the magazine.

At Mansa Print & Publishers Limited, we have a team of highly skilled, experienced and friendly staff that better understands the need of the client and Industry. Our team is always in the quest to provide our client best designing, printing and publishing experience. Our team has an experience of handling all types of magazine projects either it is a lifestyle, medical, sports, adventure, tour & a travel oriented magazine. We also produce corporate magazine for the big industrial houses. Some of the magazines published by the Mansa Prints & Publishers have marked their presence on the national level too. 

Mansa Print and Publishers Limited off ers its customers custom based magazine printing service as per their need at very affordable cost. We also specialized in providing Corrugation, Stationary manufacturing, Aluminum and Packaging services. With all our inspiration, we are committed to provide our customers a superior quality printing experience. We also offer offset printing services, poster-printing services, brochure printing services, calendar printing, multi color printing, invitation printing cards and screen printing services.

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Upcoming Events for printiing and Publishing Industry

If you are one who deals in Printing and Publishing then wait for the moment because we are providing you a synopsis of the upcoming events that would definitely helps you in extending your business and get exposure. Here we go: 

Print fair
Print week India, in collaboration with Goethe- Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai is organizing five day ‘Print fair’ from November 6-10, 2013 at Max Meuller Bhavan, Mumbai. Print fair will feature an array of events, which includes screening of print related films and display of the best-printed work from the print week India Awards. The Print Fair will see the launch of PrintWeek India's Book Special - a compilation of 36 publishers’ interviews at MMB Library on 6 November

Pamex 2013
All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) with TAFCON, New Delhi is organizing Pamex2013 from 14-17 November 2013 at Inda Expo Centre & Mart, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Pamex will provide you the opportunities to have first hand experience of generation next technologies across the world ranging from pre-press to Post-press.

Print Pack Sign Digital 2014 
Print Pack Sign Digital 2014 will provide ample opportunities for designing process, printing, post press, packaging, labelling, digital signage, stationary manufacturer and many other related industries. The event will take place from 17-20 January 2014 at Ahmedabad.

Printex 2014
It is one of the most important trade shows of the west and South India. More than 20, 000-industry professional’s form throughout South East Asia will mark their presence in the fair. It will be organized from March 14 - 17, 2014 at Bombay Exhibition Centre

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List of Stationery Products of Mansa Print and Publishers Limited

Mansa Prints and Publishers limited has earned a very significant position in Stationery Manufacturing throughout the country.From supplying note books to corporate executive stationery, Mansa Print and Publishers have wide gamut of Products under its belt.Available in the variety of format and exclusive sizes and designs,stationery produce at Mansa Print and Publishers is of international standard. Its Product Portfolio includes..

Custom Calendar:Mansa Print and Publishers produces variety of Calendars in wide formats.The aesthetic designing of calendar is the USP  of Mansa print and Publishers.  These calendars are available in the market at very affordable prices.

Dairy Book:Depending on the needs of the customers we provide vast range of diaries to our clients.   Our clients includes big corporate houses, schools, universities and colleges.

Kid Series:It is our exclusive range for the kids. Kid series is marked by the exclusive designs especially created keeping in view the kids and their interest. Kid series is available in four line and square formats with pages ranges from 40 to 192 depending upon the customer need.

Monthly Planners:At Mansa our endeavour is to provide best to our customer and keeping this in view we have specially designed planners based on weekly and monthly basis. All these planners are highly innovative in designs and formats.
Mansa Special:Mansa special includes Practical books, Scraps books and Drawing books.  All these are available in the various page ranges in A5, A4, A3 and A2 sizes.

Note Pad:Available in 10mm, 12 mm and 14 mm Note pad produced at Mansa are made up of standard paper quality.  These note pads are supplied to colleges, universities, offices and corporate house.

School Special:It includes specially designed registered for the students.These registers are designed  in very  attractive themes catch the attention of the students. These registers are available throughout the market in very minimal prices.

Student Series:Student series available in multiple page ranging from  single line, four line, square line to five lines . 

Student Long Book:Student long book is special thematic series specially catering to the student community.

Mansa is a big name in Paper packaging and paperboard packaging having wide network of client in India and aboard

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Type of Packaging material

Packaging industry has emerged as a one of the bumming sector.  With commercialization and favorable growth pattern packaging industry has shown a tremendous growth in the last decade and occupies an indispensable position in the making a brand identity of the products.  Depending upon the kind of the product, customer base and other compatibility factors packaging material differs. Different kind of material used in packaging includes:


Plastic is the most common packaging material for FMCGs. Basically plastic is an umbrella term that covers different type of the resins. Depending upon the kind of resin every plastic packaging has different characteristics, different benefits and also different drawbacks.  Depending upon these differences plastic packaging can be rigid and flexible. Similarly easy to recycle or can be difficult to recycle. Basically resins used to produce plastic are of two types –petroleum based and bio based. Depending upon what suits best to your products you can chose the appropriate plastic packaging.


Metal packaging is best for the products which are in liquid and semi liquid form and had chances of leakage and being come in contact with moisture. Metal packaging is available in variety of materials such as tin, silver and aluminum. Today aluminum is heavily used in the packaging of the pharmaceutical product in the form of aluminum foils and blisters or tubes.


The best feature of glass is that it doesn’t react with ingredients as other packaging material do. It is the best option for the packaging of materials which has high chances of reaction and is highly volatile. Apart from this glass is eco-friendly and can be used again and again without losing its actual strength.


Paperboard is used for secondary packaging and in some cases as secondary packaging material paperboard packaging is excellent in term of getting attraction of the customers. A paperboard cartons are very popular among the paperboard packaging. Above this it offers enough space to print attractive and enticing text and graphics. It is recyclable and this feature make it most environment friendly packaging material.  However it cannot be used for holding reactive material.

Bamboo and Wood

These are not very common packaging material. However some industries looking for sustainable packaging material are using wood and bamboo as a packaging material but on very limited basis

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Mansa a big name in the Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging is the one of the most considerable part of the overall drug and Pharmaceutical market in the India which is growing steadily at the same rate at which packaging industry is heading. Pharmaceutical packaging consists of the various types of glass, bottles, strips , blisters packs , injectables, ampoules and bulk pack etc . With considerable upward trends in medication industry the demand for the Pharmaceutical packaging has also risen.

Mansa Leading Player in Pharmaceutical Packaging

With increasing medication demand lots of the players have entered in the Pharmaceutical packaging. And among these one of the leading player that has significantly change the trend in the pharmaceutical packaging especially in the Northern India is Mansa Print and Publishers.  Starting from Stationery Printing, Mansa Print and Publishers with in very short span excelled  in paper Board Packaging, corrugation and Printing on Aluminum . High quality Aluminum collapsible tubes for the gel based and water based composition and Aluminum blisters for capsules, tablets etc produced by the Mansa Print and Publishers. To prevent leakage in the case of water based products Aluminum collapsible tubes are internally lined with lacquered latex.

Huge Client Base

Mansa Print and Publishers Limited has huge client base through- out the world. It caters its services to both National and International Pharmaceutical companies.  It has big name like Ind-Swift, Cipla , Wockhardt , Odin, Laborate among its client.  It has a huge network of client in Middle East, Europe and Asia and still excels toward expanding it.

Other Services Offered by Mansa

Apart from producing Aluminum based Pharmaceutical packaging tubes and blisters MPPL has developed  a niche in Stationery Printing, Publishing, Corrugation and Packaging. Under Stationery printing it products student note book in various sizes along with corporate stationery. Similarly Mansa is in Publishing of magazines,it produces dozens of magazines matching international standards have vast range of readership.  Another arena in which Mansa Print and Publishers has earned name is corrugation under which it produces cartons of various sizes and variety matching the needs of the clients.

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Cyno Silicon Technology

Printing industry has undergone noticeable changes in the past few years.  May be it in term of technology, equipment and processes; printing industry has made substantial and remarkable growth and is  one of the most booming sectors of the India, growing at an average of 15-20 % of annual growth. Digitalization of traditional Printing and Publishing service has opened new doors of the opportunities and challenges both for the service providers and customers. One of the most effective latest technologies used by the professionals in the industry is the Cyno-Silicon Technology which is used for the variety of purposes.

Cyno Silicon Technology
Cyno Silicon Technology is the one of the latest and most refined method of digital printing.  In this method of printing prints are attained through heat transfer. Cyno Silicon Technology is based latest technology and is highly efficient for best quality screen printing applications.  Depending upon the requirement of the printing it can produce precise thin and thick layers.
Its features of relaying thickness make it a very reliable choice for those who used to print on the different levels of the thickness and used to generate very high quality multi color printing prints on banners, paintings, flyers, T-Shirts etc.

Features of Cyno Silicon Technology

User friendly: Cyno Silicon technology is not only user friendly but also highly efficient. Machinery can be held  automatically and manually depending upon the requirement.
Superior quality:  Cyno Technology is based on the heat transfer methods. In this method printing print are attained  through thermal heating that activates the thermo-sensitive coloring layer which changes color where heated.
Efficient printing: Cyno Silicon technology can be used for the variety of printing purposes. Its ability to relay  different levels of thickness for accuracy in printing makes it highly efficient.
Cost effective :  Cyno Silicon Technology is price efficient and can be used on the variety of printing surface ranging  from brochure , flyers , t-Shirts , papers to the Mugs. These features of Printing on the variety of the substrate make it  the highly efficient and preferable over the other digital technologies.

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Mansa setting new examples in Aluminum Packaging

Among the Printing and Publishing industry of India Mansa Print and Publishers has emerged as most potential Printing and Publishing house. Within period of ten year it has added various products to its portfolios. From stationary manufacturing, paper packaging and publishing to highly advance Aluminum packaging and corrugation. Mansa prints and Publishing has set new strides in the printing industry.
Mansa provided custom based services to its customers and took every single step to ensure that customer’s needs for vivid and effective packaging are met. Under highly advanced aluminum section highly standardized collapsible Aluminum tubes internally coated with Lacquered latex and Aluminum blister or strip foil are produce  in four colors to give the unique and stylish look to the packaging. 

Features of Aluminum packaging

Aluminum Collapsible tubes: These are basically used for the packaging of semi liquid or water based product. To ensure that no leakage takes  place during packaging Aluminum Collapsible tubes are internally lined with fine coating of Lacquered latex. These Aluminum tubes are available in vibrant four color with screen shaded with metallic finish of clear enamel. Depending upon the need of the customers Mansa print and publishers provide custom based services.

Aluminum Blister/ Strip Foil:  Aluminum blisters and strip foil are generally used for the packing of pharmaceutical products such as tablet, capsules etc. Along this based on the specific demands of the customers Mansa produce variety of packaging products for the various other industries such as food and confectionery.

Along with this Mansa print and Publishers offers multifarious services to its clients in printing and packaging. It produces corporate and school stationery and offers poster printing services, brochure printing services, calendar printing, multi color printing, invitation printing cards and screen printing services. Similarly it has a corrugation for the packaging need of the various products. Under its corrugation section Mansa Print and Publishers indulge in the production of the corrugation boxes available in small, medium and large sizes with or without variety of color combinations.

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Digital Printing Technology

The advent of internet and digital printing has brought up significant change in the printing industry.  Both internet and digital printing have change the whole scenario of the printing industry in term of designing, operation and production and brought new trends that not only ease the working of the printing industry but also felicitate customers with wide variety of choice. Unlike past today printing industry has better technologies that synchronized various services into the one and can offer multiple options to its customers in very cost effective manner.  The digitalization of the work flow has not only made simple colored, multicolored printing, screen printing and paperboard packaging easy but also the transfer of the printing document at single click which was never possible before.

These latest trends in the printing attributed to:

Digitalization:  The digitization of the printing work in the form of electronic files is the one of the major trend that printing industry met.   Electronic files are transfers through internet or many other mean to the long distance.  It also facilitates transfer of electronic work orders and other printing services from and to customers.  Digitalization has brought customers, printing systems and services on the single platform hence resulting in an efficient system.

Technology integration: Integration of various printing system by combining different process into one has made printing more advance and flexible.  The development of computer to plate imaging technology results in full work flow automation that allows desktop publishing.  The advancement in technology has not only soothes the whole operation of printing but it bring the integration of one or more feature into the one. The integration of direct imaging offset presses and printers are one of the examples that   make color printing cost effective
Need for something different:

Demand for the better quality, to make printing process shorter, better imaging and making distribution easy has resulted in the creation of something different.  There is shift in the industry approach and this give rise to new trend that is blend of one or more technologies. CTC, waterless printing, digital advertising and variable data printing are some of the trends that generates out of the idea of changing demand of both customers and industry.

Read more about multi color printing  & digital printing services.



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What makes Mansa better than other?

Mansa Print and Publisher—a name synonym to quality is heading towards becoming the number one name in the printing and publishing industry. With its strong commitment to quality, Mansa has already become the name for trust and quality work. Mansa Print and Publishers limited in it has become global brand and has a strong client base not only in India but all across the globe such as Europe, Middle East countries and Africa.  It is the only publishing house of the North India that offers a complete printing solution to its customers along with publishing services.

What makes Mansa better than other?

Strong Infrastructure and highly advanced technology: Mansa prints and Publishers limited has well equipped highly advanced printing presses from offset to digital, machinery and testing labs.  People at Mansa are well trained and have years of experience in printing and publishing industry and work on latest software and technology.  Its production plant is well maintained and is protected against all the odds that may eruption into any distortion of printing and publishing work.  Special emphasis is put on the quality of the final product.

Qualified team: Mansa has well qualified and technically trained team.  On regular basis special training programs are organized for the employees to keep them updates about the latest technology, machinery and software. Expert at Mansa better understand the need of the clients.

Eco-Friendly: At Mansa Printing and Publisher limited a special emphasis is put on the environment conservation. At Mansa we believe in conservation of environment and the policies of company are eco-friendly and maintained less wastage of the resources.

Emphasis on quality: Mansa Print and Publishers is most reliable partner of its clients and is committed to quality work. Mansa has a wide portfolio of products under its belt which includes stationery, printing, packaging, aluminum and corrugation. Over the years Mansa has become the synonym for quality work.

Highest standards of ethics and integrity: Mansa believes in the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Customer’s satisfaction is the mantra of Mansa and left no stone unturned when it comes on quality and consumer satisfaction.

Read more about Printing solutions in North India and Publishing service

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Screen Printing Services

With changing trends in the market and raising expectations of the customers, printing technology has become highly advanced. In today’s scenario where the line between the countries has distinct and world has become a new global village, sustaining in the business is a herculean task. Without proper and effective marketing and advertising strategies it’s impossible for any business organization to stay in the competition and to hold their grip on the market. Today companies use multiple marketing and advertising tools to increase their sales.  And one such tool is print media, especially advertising through banners and posters.  Printing posters and banners have emerged as a major market for the printing industry as it not only fulfills one’s instincts for creativity but is a good source of commercial revenue. Mostly screen printing is used for printing posters, banners, logo and placards and is best suited for both commercial and fine art purpose. However digital printing has also marked its presence but being more versatile and with variety of surface choices like textile, paper and glass, screen printing is still a good choice for the printing professionals.

SCREEN PRINTING:Screen printing is a method in which an image is created by pressing ink through a screen on paper, fabric and some other surface with areas blocked off by a stencil. It is the most versatile method and can be applicable on textile, paper, and glass. Some of finest examples of screen printing are printed mugs and designer T-shirts.

Types of Screen Printing Presses:

There are three types of screen printing presses:
Flat bed

Flat bed:It is the most common type of the screen printing that use flat screen as well as a three step  reciprocating  process for printing.  In this type of screen printing the thing to be printed is placed on a  horizontal print bed parallel  to the screen. For printing screen is generally moved onto substrate followed by the pressing of squeegee on the mesh and   taken over the image area and finally screen is taken away from substrate. 

Cylinder Press:The process of printing in cylinder press is exactly similar to the flat bed printing except that in  cylinder press the thing to be printed is placed on the cylinder.

Rotary screen presses:In rotary screen presses , the screens used for printing process are very thin metal cylinder which are open ended and are covered at both ended.  To maintain a    continuous flow of ink   throughout the printing process ink is pumped through one of cylinder.

Screen printing is not only cost effective but is fast and can conducted on very large scale.

Read more about Screen printing services and Digital printing services

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Basic difference between two color and four color printing

Journey of Printing from single color to multi color printing is as old as printing technique itself. China was the first country in the world credited with colour printing, however it was limited to only two color and generally done by woodblock printing blocks manually.  Chinese mostly used this two color technique for printing luxury books about art especially it was refer to the most prestigious way of painting that time.  Later on European imbibed this color printing technique and with the beginning of nineteen centaury, European came up with number of color printing technique which led the cornerstone for the today’s multi color printing techniques. 
Basically Multi Color printing is the process of producing color impres
sion by successive printing on the paper and other material from the plates on the machines. Generally multicolor printing involves the use of one-color, two color or multicolor presses and is used in newspaper printing, magazines, color-full Poster and Post card printing.  When one or two color presses are used, a one color print is obtained after each printing cycle  and similarly for four color print, the same process is repeated four or two times to imprint. However there is a lot of difference between four color and two color printing. Four colors printing which is based on CMYK process is the most widely used printing techniques while two color generally called spot color printing is still in use but not in much high commercial scale.

Basic difference between two color and four color printing

For producing two color printing, Pantone colors are the industry requirement. Usually in two color printing we use black ink in combination with other color. In two colors printing, color will be created from the prints of Pantone.  The Pantone Matching System is specially designed to match color accurately. Another complication with the two color printing is that Pantone Matching System should match the paper selected for printing because the vibrancy and dullness of prints directly depends on the choice of paper.  On the other hand four color printing is much easier and does not need any matching system. Color filter technique in four color printing not only produces bright and vibrant images and text but as close as to original image.

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Types of paper used for printing

The use of printing technique first is credited to Mesopotamia civilization before 3000 BC.  This is the world’s first civilization that led the way to the today’s printing technique by using the round cylinder for carving impress onto clay tablets. Starting from clay the unpredictable journey of printing has under gone tremendous changes. Later on clay was replaced by the cloth, leaves and paper. With time and innovation, the printing technology has undergone facelift and which can also seen in surface over which impresses. As printing process changes from tradition to unconventional techniques, same has happened with choice of the printing surface paper used by the printing professionals. Like this paper packaging and paperboard packaging process has also become more modernized, highly simplify and better with time, although their types may differ accordingly. Today we have multiple printing surface choices from simple paper to the printing on aluminum sheet.
But still the most popular printing surface choice is paper and this attribute to its unique qualities and various creative choices that it offers to the printing professionals. Paper printing is especially used for stationery manufacturing. Here are types of paper used for printing:

Offset:Offset paper is usually used for stationary manufacturing with coated and uncoated finish. Being light weighted and thin offset paper is used for the publication of interior sheets of the stationery, letterhead, brochures, pamphlets and flyers. Offsets papers are available in various weights.
Bond:Also known as writing paper bond is most commonly used for preparing letter heads. Bond paper is usually available in weight of 20#, 24#, and 28#.

Cover:Generally used for publication covers, business cards, greeting cards, folders, and postcards, Cover papers are comparatively heavy in weight, rigid and not easily folded. Covers paper are also available in coated and uncoated form and depending upon the need one can use it.
Tag:Owing to its durable and water resistant features it is used for making tags of the products. Most of tags on the clothing and other products are made of the tag paper. 

Index:Index paper is mainly used for the formation of the index cards and folders. What make it more unique are its firmness, moderate thickness and cost effectiveness.

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Latest trends in printing

With each day passing printing has become more advance and hi-tech.  A new revolution has taken place and printing services has undergone a paradigm shift. The whole credit for this shift goes to this new revolution and advancement in printing that has replaced those bulky, noisy and technically outdated printers with small, easy to handle and more efficient wireless or multifunctional printers.  Latest trends that significantly change the whole scenario of the printing worldwide include:

Offset lithography:It is among the most commonly used printing technique throughout the world.  Due to its high quality prints and tendency to create volumes of prints at a time, today it is credited with half of the printing throughout the world. It is generally used for the publications of news papers, magazines,  comic books, post card printing , calendar printing and brochure printing
Flexography:Flexography originally known as “Aniline printing’ is a form of rotary web letterpress, combining features of both letterpress and rotogravure printing.  Over a period, flexography has emerged as the fastest growing conventional printing process, especially in packaging such as corrugated containers, labels, tags, directories and flexible films due to its unique features for process multi color printing on the variety of substrates like plastic, metallic films, cellophanes and paper.

Rotogravure:Instead of using sheets of paper, rotogravure uses reels of paper; making it the most flexible packaging process used for printing of magazines, postcards and corrugated product packaging. Rotogravure is a type of intaglio printing process which involves engraving the image onto an image carrier.

Inkjet:Inkjet printers is the most common of the computer printing used by the  general to print vast range of substrates ranging from high quality paper to floor tiles including  a small number of books and packaging. Inkjet printers are the most cost effective printer with excellent photographic quality.  
Dye Transfer:IT allows the highest degree of the photographic control compared to any other color printing process
Laser Printing:Laser Printing is one of the most common techniques in which laser beams plays very important role in printing. It is form of the digital printing that guarantees high quality prints at very affordable price which makes it a very good choice for small scale printing.

Read more about paper printing & printing services.

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MPPL ---a perfect choice for your Printing and Publishing needs

Mansa Print and Publishers Limited (MPPL) is the part of the Chandigarh based pharmaceutical giant--- Ind-Swift and is successfully delivering supreme quality printing and publishing solutions to its customers.Within a decade,MPPL has emerged as most trusted name in the printing and publishing industry of the North India, which is determine to provide the best products and services based on standard-based technology and out - performing the competition with value and a superior customer experience.

MPPL with its commitment to the quality, strong client based and cost effectiveness has become the perfect destination for the end to end needs of customers seeking innovative, creative and customized printing and publishing services.  MPPL provides a complete printing and publishing solutions to its broad client network rendering from simple single printing, multicolor printing and screen printing to the offset printing.

Since its inception in 2003, from a decent beginning MPPL has pioneered a new trend especially in paper printing, mono cartons, corrugation, aluminum foil (blister foil), aluminum collapsible tube & corporate & school stationery. MPPL offers wide range printing services specialized in printing students Long book, Diary, Brochures,Magazines,Calendars,post cards,Corporate stationary,Post cards and various other printing service like poster printing services .
To ensure the quality work MPPL has invested in the latest technology and printing machinery with advanced fully equipped testing laboratory.  MPPL believe in quality and leave no stone unturned to meet up the expectations of our clients. To maintain the quality standards and timely delivery of the products we have specialized team of experts who work throughout the year.   From pre printing to the post printing of the products our experts keep their vigilant and experienced eye to ensure the quality.
MPPL render its printing and publishing service throughout the country and internationally too. Its friendly customer based approach has not made it a most reliable choice of customer in India only but throughout the globe. It has its customers in East Europe, Middle East countries and Africa.

Read more about printing on aluminum & calendar printing.


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MPPL sets new trends by offering world class services.

Mansa Print and Publishers Limited (MPPL)-a name synonym to the quality printing has set new trends in printing and packaging industry. Known for its innovation, quality and technology, it offers its customers a world class services in printing and packaging. Since its inception in 2003, MPPL has emerges as a one of the leading name in the paper packaging, paper board packaging, stationery, Aluminum printing, publishing and corrugation. MPPL has strong service based client network all across the globe including East Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Service Offered by the MPPL:

Mansa Print and Publishers Limited put special emphasizes on providing quality based affordable services to its customers. Mansa Print and Publishers is active in:

Printing & Publishing:MPPL has established a benchmark in publishing and printing of magazine. The magazines published at Mansa Print and Publishers Limited meets the international standards in term of content designs, color and print.  Its other products includes catalogs, brochures, annual reports, visual aids, label (sticker) along folder, perfect binder , wiro , spiral  and  comb binding . Magazine design is another arena in which MPPL excel.

Packaging:Depending upon the needs of the customers Mansa products a wide range of mono cartons and corrugated cartons especially for the packaging of cosmetic, pharmaceuticals products and FMCGs based on the paper and paper board.
Stationery:It included production of high quality spiral and wiro binding based products. Product includes long book, diary book, custom calendar, notepad and monthly planners. These products produced in Mansa are in great demand all over the India especially in North India.
Corrugation:This section deals with the production of the master cartons, mono cartons, angle boards, edge guards, corrugates pallets in various forms, size and colors. Keeping in view the latest trends and style that donned the market, Mansa brings new innovation in its product portfolio.
Printing on aluminum:Mansa Print and Publishers has come up as the leading player in Aluminum printing and packaging of the product throughout India.  Under this section Aluminum collapsible tubes and blisters with four color printing are produced. The tubes and blister produces at MPPL are moisture resistant, best suited for the packaging of the pharmaceuticals products. 

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At Mansa, We believe in quality

Expanding its wings in 2003, Ind-Swift ----a leading Pharmaceutical giant of India started Mansa Print and Publisher as a complete solution to the printing and packaging need. And with a very short span of time it has come up as a one of leading printing & packaging company of India.  With its commitment to the quality and its clients it has set new trends and milestones in the printing industry.  Apart from offering services in printing and publishing, Mansa deal in various product ranges from stationery to aluminum product which set it apart from all others.

We offer services in:

Corrugation:Under corrugation we produce Mono cartons, Master cartons, Angle board, Edge guards, Corrugated pallets , Die cut items , Partitions , Interior Packaging and Unit cartons depending on the need of the clients. Available in embossing, Braille and foil stamping designs our cartons varies in size and style as per clients need.

Printing & Publishing:Quality is what defines us better. Known for its style and quality Mansa publish variety of magazines under various titles in multiple languages. Magazines published by Mansa Print and Publishers are the perfect blend of creativity, color combination and intellect. Our other product includes notebooks, scrapbooks, diaries, catalogs, brochures, annual reports, visual aids and annual calendars.  Along this designing facilities are also available at Mansa.

Aluminum:For the effective packaging of the Pharmaceutical product such as tablets, capsules and other gel and liquid based product, we have Aluminum unit under which Aluminum Collapsible Tubes and Aluminum Blister/Strip Foil are produce. We also offer our services on contract basic as per client demand and industry need.

Services @ MPPL:We are a multifunctional company and apart from above services our team of professional at Mansa is always ready to offer our client designing, editing, typesetting and Scanning services to ensure proper distribution of  products we have well a established distribution and mailing services for our clients.  At Mansa we believe in setting new challenges and achieving new targets. 

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