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With changing trends in the market and raising expectations of the customers, printing technology has become highly advanced. In today’s scenario where the line between the countries has distinct and world has become a new global village, sustaining in the business is a herculean task. Without proper and effective marketing and advertising strategies it’s impossible for any business organization to stay in the competition and to hold their grip on the market. Today companies use multiple marketing and advertising tools to increase their sales.  And one such tool is print media, especially advertising through banners and posters.  Printing posters and banners have emerged as a major market for the printing industry as it not only fulfills one’s instincts for creativity but is a good source of commercial revenue. Mostly screen printing is used for printing posters, banners, logo and placards and is best suited for both commercial and fine art purpose. However digital printing has also marked its presence but being more versatile and with variety of surface choices like textile, paper and glass, screen printing is still a good choice for the printing professionals.

SCREEN PRINTING:Screen printing is a method in which an image is created by pressing ink through a screen on paper, fabric and some other surface with areas blocked off by a stencil. It is the most versatile method and can be applicable on textile, paper, and glass. Some of finest examples of screen printing are printed mugs and designer T-shirts.

Types of Screen Printing Presses:

There are three types of screen printing presses:
Flat bed

Flat bed:It is the most common type of the screen printing that use flat screen as well as a three step  reciprocating  process for printing.  In this type of screen printing the thing to be printed is placed on a  horizontal print bed parallel  to the screen. For printing screen is generally moved onto substrate followed by the pressing of squeegee on the mesh and   taken over the image area and finally screen is taken away from substrate. 

Cylinder Press:The process of printing in cylinder press is exactly similar to the flat bed printing except that in  cylinder press the thing to be printed is placed on the cylinder.

Rotary screen presses:In rotary screen presses , the screens used for printing process are very thin metal cylinder which are open ended and are covered at both ended.  To maintain a    continuous flow of ink   throughout the printing process ink is pumped through one of cylinder.

Screen printing is not only cost effective but is fast and can conducted on very large scale.

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