Type of Packaging material

Packaging industry has emerged as a one of the bumming sector.  With commercialization and favorable growth pattern packaging industry has shown a tremendous growth in the last decade and occupies an indispensable position in the making a brand identity of the products.  Depending upon the kind of the product, customer base and other compatibility factors packaging material differs. Different kind of material used in packaging includes:


Plastic is the most common packaging material for FMCGs. Basically plastic is an umbrella term that covers different type of the resins. Depending upon the kind of resin every plastic packaging has different characteristics, different benefits and also different drawbacks.  Depending upon these differences plastic packaging can be rigid and flexible. Similarly easy to recycle or can be difficult to recycle. Basically resins used to produce plastic are of two types –petroleum based and bio based. Depending upon what suits best to your products you can chose the appropriate plastic packaging.


Metal packaging is best for the products which are in liquid and semi liquid form and had chances of leakage and being come in contact with moisture. Metal packaging is available in variety of materials such as tin, silver and aluminum. Today aluminum is heavily used in the packaging of the pharmaceutical product in the form of aluminum foils and blisters or tubes.


The best feature of glass is that it doesn’t react with ingredients as other packaging material do. It is the best option for the packaging of materials which has high chances of reaction and is highly volatile. Apart from this glass is eco-friendly and can be used again and again without losing its actual strength.


Paperboard is used for secondary packaging and in some cases as secondary packaging material paperboard packaging is excellent in term of getting attraction of the customers. A paperboard cartons are very popular among the paperboard packaging. Above this it offers enough space to print attractive and enticing text and graphics. It is recyclable and this feature make it most environment friendly packaging material.  However it cannot be used for holding reactive material.

Bamboo and Wood

These are not very common packaging material. However some industries looking for sustainable packaging material are using wood and bamboo as a packaging material but on very limited basis

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  1. You want to be packaging things in sustainable materials that are beneficial to the environment. paperboard packaging can be a perfect solution for this as it is eco friendly. Our restaurant has been using this for years and the customers love it.