Types of paper used for printing

The use of printing technique first is credited to Mesopotamia civilization before 3000 BC.  This is the world’s first civilization that led the way to the today’s printing technique by using the round cylinder for carving impress onto clay tablets. Starting from clay the unpredictable journey of printing has under gone tremendous changes. Later on clay was replaced by the cloth, leaves and paper. With time and innovation, the printing technology has undergone facelift and which can also seen in surface over which impresses. As printing process changes from tradition to unconventional techniques, same has happened with choice of the printing surface paper used by the printing professionals. Like this paper packaging and paperboard packaging process has also become more modernized, highly simplify and better with time, although their types may differ accordingly. Today we have multiple printing surface choices from simple paper to the printing on aluminum sheet.
But still the most popular printing surface choice is paper and this attribute to its unique qualities and various creative choices that it offers to the printing professionals. Paper printing is especially used for stationery manufacturing. Here are types of paper used for printing:

Offset:Offset paper is usually used for stationary manufacturing with coated and uncoated finish. Being light weighted and thin offset paper is used for the publication of interior sheets of the stationery, letterhead, brochures, pamphlets and flyers. Offsets papers are available in various weights.
Bond:Also known as writing paper bond is most commonly used for preparing letter heads. Bond paper is usually available in weight of 20#, 24#, and 28#.

Cover:Generally used for publication covers, business cards, greeting cards, folders, and postcards, Cover papers are comparatively heavy in weight, rigid and not easily folded. Covers paper are also available in coated and uncoated form and depending upon the need one can use it.
Tag:Owing to its durable and water resistant features it is used for making tags of the products. Most of tags on the clothing and other products are made of the tag paper. 

Index:Index paper is mainly used for the formation of the index cards and folders. What make it more unique are its firmness, moderate thickness and cost effectiveness.

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