Latest trends in printing

With each day passing printing has become more advance and hi-tech.  A new revolution has taken place and printing services has undergone a paradigm shift. The whole credit for this shift goes to this new revolution and advancement in printing that has replaced those bulky, noisy and technically outdated printers with small, easy to handle and more efficient wireless or multifunctional printers.  Latest trends that significantly change the whole scenario of the printing worldwide include:

Offset lithography:It is among the most commonly used printing technique throughout the world.  Due to its high quality prints and tendency to create volumes of prints at a time, today it is credited with half of the printing throughout the world. It is generally used for the publications of news papers, magazines,  comic books, post card printing , calendar printing and brochure printing
Flexography:Flexography originally known as “Aniline printing’ is a form of rotary web letterpress, combining features of both letterpress and rotogravure printing.  Over a period, flexography has emerged as the fastest growing conventional printing process, especially in packaging such as corrugated containers, labels, tags, directories and flexible films due to its unique features for process multi color printing on the variety of substrates like plastic, metallic films, cellophanes and paper.

Rotogravure:Instead of using sheets of paper, rotogravure uses reels of paper; making it the most flexible packaging process used for printing of magazines, postcards and corrugated product packaging. Rotogravure is a type of intaglio printing process which involves engraving the image onto an image carrier.

Inkjet:Inkjet printers is the most common of the computer printing used by the  general to print vast range of substrates ranging from high quality paper to floor tiles including  a small number of books and packaging. Inkjet printers are the most cost effective printer with excellent photographic quality.  
Dye Transfer:IT allows the highest degree of the photographic control compared to any other color printing process
Laser Printing:Laser Printing is one of the most common techniques in which laser beams plays very important role in printing. It is form of the digital printing that guarantees high quality prints at very affordable price which makes it a very good choice for small scale printing.

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