Mansa setting new examples in Aluminum Packaging

Among the Printing and Publishing industry of India Mansa Print and Publishers has emerged as most potential Printing and Publishing house. Within period of ten year it has added various products to its portfolios. From stationary manufacturing, paper packaging and publishing to highly advance Aluminum packaging and corrugation. Mansa prints and Publishing has set new strides in the printing industry.
Mansa provided custom based services to its customers and took every single step to ensure that customer’s needs for vivid and effective packaging are met. Under highly advanced aluminum section highly standardized collapsible Aluminum tubes internally coated with Lacquered latex and Aluminum blister or strip foil are produce  in four colors to give the unique and stylish look to the packaging. 

Features of Aluminum packaging

Aluminum Collapsible tubes: These are basically used for the packaging of semi liquid or water based product. To ensure that no leakage takes  place during packaging Aluminum Collapsible tubes are internally lined with fine coating of Lacquered latex. These Aluminum tubes are available in vibrant four color with screen shaded with metallic finish of clear enamel. Depending upon the need of the customers Mansa print and publishers provide custom based services.

Aluminum Blister/ Strip Foil:  Aluminum blisters and strip foil are generally used for the packing of pharmaceutical products such as tablet, capsules etc. Along this based on the specific demands of the customers Mansa produce variety of packaging products for the various other industries such as food and confectionery.

Along with this Mansa print and Publishers offers multifarious services to its clients in printing and packaging. It produces corporate and school stationery and offers poster printing services, brochure printing services, calendar printing, multi color printing, invitation printing cards and screen printing services. Similarly it has a corrugation for the packaging need of the various products. Under its corrugation section Mansa Print and Publishers indulge in the production of the corrugation boxes available in small, medium and large sizes with or without variety of color combinations.

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